Saturday, April 28, 2012


After came back from work, i saw that my mom had bought a bottle of Prego tomato sauce. I suddenly think that want to make pizza. After change my cloth, then i start with it. Before i make the dough, i prepare the topping 1st. The topping i used is sausage and filament stick.

材料Ingredients:(2个量can make 2)
中筋面粉medium protein flour - 300g
细砂糖castor sugar - 1/2 tsp
盐salt - 1/2 tsp
即溶酵母instant yeast - 5g
牛油 butter - 30g
水 water - 130-150ml

1. 将中筋面粉,细砂糖,盐和即溶酵母倒入容器里,再倒入水。(不要一次过把水倒完)
    Pour medium protein flour, castor sugar, salt and instant yeast into a bowl. Then pour in water (don't pour    all water in 1 time)
2. 用橡皮刮刀拌匀。
    Mix it with a scrapper.
3. 拌成粉团后,移到工作台上用手搓揉。
    After it become dough, take it out and put on the table and knead it with hand.
4. 加入牛油继续搓揉至光滑。
    Add in butter and knead until smooth.
5. 搓圆后放入碗中并盖上,进行第一次发酵。
    Round it and put inside a bowl and wrap the bowl with food wrapper. Let the dough ferment.
6. 发酵好后取出,用手排气。分割成2个,稍微滚圆。
    Take the dough out after it has ferment. Press it with hand to let the air out. Divide into 2 and round it.
7. 用擀面棍从中间向外,擀成约烤盘大小的圆形。
    Use rolling pin to roll the dough. The size should be almost same with pan size.
8. 用叉子在擀好的面团上叉满小洞,这有助于烘烤时透气。
    Use a fork to make small hole on the dough that had roll.
9. 可以使用擀面棍把面团卷起,小心地置放到烤盘上。
    To transfer the dough into the pan, we can use the rolling pin to do it. Use the rolling pin to roll up the    dough and place it carefully in the baking pan.
10. 现在可以在面团上面涂上番茄酱及撒上配料与芝士。不需要进行第二次发酵。预热烤箱,      以210°C 烘约15分钟(温度及时间只供参考)。
      Now you can coated the dough with tomato sauce and sprinkled with ingredients and cheese. No need      to ferment for 2nd time. After preheat the oven, bake it with 210°C, 15 minutes. (Temperature and time      is for reference only.)

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