Sunday, October 20, 2013

葡式蛋塔 Portugese egg tart ^_^


After four months didn't write something in my blog. This time i made portugese egg tart for my family. It is not very nice to eat because of the base too thick. Hope i can done well in next time.

准备陷料前可以先拿出Kawan puff pastry出来解冻。
Before you prepare for filling, you can take out the Kawan brand puff pastry to defrost it.

陷料 Filling:
动物性鲜奶油 100g UHT whipping cream
细砂糖 50g castor sugar
鸡蛋 2 nos egg
牛奶 150g milk
香草精 ¼ tsp vanilla essence 

1. 先将鸡蛋打散,然后加入其他材料拌匀。Beat the egg first, then add in all the ingredients and mix well.
2. 拌匀后过滤一至两次。放置一边备用。After mix well, filter it for 1-2 times. Set aside to be use later.

塔皮 Crust:
5片kawan puff pastry
5 pieces of kawan puff pastry

1. 塔皮解冻后一片接着一片卷起来。Roll up the puff pastry 1 by 1 after defrost.
2. 卷好后切成八份。After rolling up, cut into 8 part.
3. 把塔皮压入塔模内,可以压至薄些(类似做港式蛋挞的塔皮)以避免不熟。Press the puff pastry into the tart mould. Same like the way we make cantonese egg tart. Press till not very thick to prevent it uncooked.
4. 倒入蛋液至八分满。Pour in filling until 80% full.
5. 预热烘炉210度,烘20-25分钟。Preheat oven at 210 degree, bake for 20-25 minutes.