Sunday, May 13, 2012

无糖金瓜面包 Sugar-free pumpkin bread

In order to reduce the usage of sugar, I found this Sugar-free Pumpkin bread recipe. The bread is soft and nice, but just not tastesweet. Overall, the bread is delicious! ^^

材料 Ingredients:
高筋面粉 250g High protein flour
鸡蛋 1 nos egg
奶粉 20g milk powder
蒸熟并压烂的金瓜 120g smashed Pumpkin (steam it then smashed it)
油/牛油 30g oil / butter
即溶酵母 4g instant yeast
盐 2g salt
水 1/2 cup water (depends to the dough)

(保留少许的蛋液来刷表面 Left some egg to brush the surface)

Steamed pumpkin(it contains water). that why the water which pour in dough must be less)

做法 Methods:
  1. 准备一个大碗,把高筋面粉,金瓜泥,奶粉,盐,即溶酵母和水(不要一次倒完)倒进去,用橡皮刮刀拌匀。Prepare a big bowl, Pour in high protein flour, smashed pumpkin, milk powder, salt, instant yeast and water(don't pour in all water in 1 time). Mix it with a scrapper. 
  2. 把面团移到工作台,用手揉面至有延展性。Move the dough to table. Knead it with hand to form rough dough. 
  3. 加入牛油一直搓揉至光滑及能够拉出薄膜。 After that, add in butter and knead to form elastic dough. 
  4. 放在碗里进行基本发酵至双倍大。Round it and put in a bowl for fermentation. Proof until double size. 
  5. 用刮刀把面团取出。静置15分钟。Use a scrapper to take out the dough. Let it rest for 10 minutes. 
  6. 用擀面棍擀平后卷起,放在土司模里进行第二次发酵。Roll in with a rolling pin. Then roll it up and put in a loaf tin. Let it proof for second time. 
  7. 发酵好后,刷上蛋液。After it proof, brush the surface with egg. 
  8. 预热烤箱,170度,烤30分钟或至表面金黄即可。 Preheat oven at 170 degree. Bake for 30 minutes or until it turn brown. 

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