Sunday, May 6, 2012

九层糕 Nyonya layered cake (Kuih Lapis)

There are variety type of nyonya kuih in Malaysia. I had eat a number of types of nyonya kuih.
This is the first time i want to make nyonya kuih on my own. I choose the nyonya kuih with easier ingredients.
I went to market in the morning to buy coconut milk. With the coconut milk then i can start to make it.

材料 Ingredients:
粘米粉 240g rice flour
木薯粉 200g tapioca flour
糖 260g sugar
椰浆 400ml coconut milk
水 1100ml water
食物色素 Food coloring

做法 Methods:
1. 把所有材料放进一个大碗,搅拌均匀后过筛。
    Pour all the ingredients in a big bowl, stir until well combine then sieve the batter.

2. 把粉浆分成5份。留一份白色的,其余的加入色素。
    Divide the batter into 5 parts. Keep a part of the batter in white color. Put in food coloring in the other

3. 在10寸正方模型上抹油,放入锅里蒸热。
    Grease a 10 inch square tin, heat in the the wok.

4. 拿其中一个颜色的粉浆倒一半,盖上盖子蒸5-7分钟后再倒入另一个颜色。以此类推直到把
    Take 1 of the batter and pour half into square tin. Steam for 5-7 minutes then pour in another batter.
    Repeat the step until all the batter is used up then steam for 20-25minutes.

5. 蒸好后取出来,待完全冷却才切块。
    When it is done, take it out and wait until completely cool then only can cut into piece.

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