Thursday, December 6, 2012

丹麦牛油饼干 Danish Butter Cookies

在Facebook的群组看到Caryn Man Yoke Peng分享的丹麦牛油饼干食谱。然后就特地买了一片Lurpak无盐牛油来做了。

When i serve Facebook, I saw Caryn Man Yoke Peng share the recipe for Danish Butter Cookies. Then i purposely bought a piece of Lurpak unsalted butter to make this cookies.

Recipe as below:

材料 Ingredients:
Lurpark 无盐牛油220g Lurpak unsalted butter (温室软化 soften)
A蛋 1粒 1 nos grade A egg
Vanilla 精华 1 tsp vanilla essense
低筋面粉 310g low protein flour
盐 1/2 tsp salt
糖粉 120g icing sugar

做法 Methods:
温馨提醒: 如果你的mixer有打面团的铁枝,也可以拿来拌均的哦,比较干净利落,不会弄到手油油的。

Beat butter and icing sugar until fluffy, add in vanilla essense and egg. Mix it with hand. After that add in low protein flour and salt. Mix well. Pipe any shape you want. You can put some sugar on top of the biscuit.
Bake at 160 degree celcius for 15-20 minutes.
If your mixer have the hook for dough, you can mix the dough using it. 

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