Sunday, December 30, 2012

苹果芝士蛋糕 Apple cheesecake

在facebook看到Elise Chow Lee Peng分享了瑞典苹果芝士蛋糕。新血来潮的我也试做了。
I saw Elise Chow Lee Peng share a recipe in facebook about apple cheesecake. Look like very delicious. I also make one. It really taste good.

原料 Ingredients:
全麦消化饼干 100g digestive biscuit
黄油 45g butter
奶酪 250g cream cheese
鸡蛋 1 nos egg
牛奶 50ml milk
玉米淀粉 15g corn starch
白砂糖 30g castor sugar
中等苹果一个 1 medium size apple

做法 Methods:(8寸 inches)

1、将消化饼干用擀面杖擀碎。Milled the digestive biscuit.

2、用软化的黄油拌匀,铺在模具中压平。压平的时候可以用平底的小碗来帮忙。Mix the biscuit with melted butter and put into cake tin. Press till compact.

3、奶油奶酪室温软化,放入白砂糖。Cream cheese put at room temperature. Mix with sugar.

4、同一方向混合搅拌至柔软没有结块。Beat the cream cheese and sugar till smooth.

5、放一个鸡蛋进去,继续搅拌。Add in egg and mix well.

6、加入牛奶拌匀。Add in milk and mix well.

7、加入过筛后的玉米淀粉。Lastly add in corn starch.

8、将奶酪溶液搅拌至丝滑无颗粒。Mix it well till smooth.

9、把奶酪面糊倒入铺好饼干底的模具中。Pour the batter on top of the biscuit.

10、苹果削皮切成有点点宽度的块。Cut apple into piece.

11、将苹果均匀的码放到面糊中,面糊比较粘稠,苹果放在上面不会倒下。Put the apple on top of the batter.

12. 烘焙:直接放到烤箱中层烘焙,200度烤25分钟左右。Put the cake tin on medium rack in oven. Bake at 200 degree for 25 minutes.

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