Sunday, December 2, 2012

焦糖爆米花 Caramel popcorn ^.^

材料 Ingredients:
玉米粒 90g corn kernels
白糖 90g castor sugar
水 60g water
牛油 30g butter

做法 Methods:
  1. 炒锅预热下,倒入一点植物油,放入玉米粒晃匀,中小火加热 Heat a wok, pour in a little bit of corn oil. Add the corn kernels, stir fry to mix well till corn kernels start to expand and pop
  2. 等看到有玉米粒爆开的时候,关小火,盖上盖子,不时的晃动锅子 Cover the wok, slowly move the pan to keep the popcorn from burning in spots.
  3. 差不多全爆开的时候,出锅备用 When the popping slows down to the point that you don’t hear much pop, off the flame. Take off the lid, and pour popcorn into large bowl., remove unpopped kernels.
  4. 把糖和水放入锅中,中小火加热  Add sugar in a clean wok/saucepan over medium flame, cook till melted and become syrup.
  5. 熬糖水的时候,不要搅动,等看到糖水颜色变成焦糖色后,放入牛油。这时就可以搅动了,牛油融化后与焦糖搅匀 Add in butter and water, keep stirring till become thick caramel (put a drop of caramel into a bowl of water and when it is not immediate dissolved , then the caramel is ready)
  6. 放入爆米花,快速翻匀,放入铺了油布的烤盘上晾凉 Put in popcorn into the wok/saucepan. Stir it carefully. Then set cool on a tray to be serve.

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