Saturday, November 10, 2012

马卡龙 Macaroon

在面子书的烘焙乐缘看到Ann Chin马卡龙。里面有她分享的食谱。所以就动手做了。
Saw Ann Chin sharing her macaroon recipe in facebook. I make this macaroon according to the recipe she share.

材料 Ingredients:
糖粉icing sugar 80g, 杏仁粉ground almond 60g (一起过筛 sieve together)
1粒蛋白 egg white(40g)、60g幼糖 castor sugar

做法 Methods:
1. 先打发蛋白,再把糖分3次加入,打至硬性发泡。Whisk egg whites on high speed till bubble foam, 
    add in cream of Tartar. When mixture become frothy, add in sugar in 3 separate additions on high speed 
    until stiff peaks form.

2. 把筛过的粉,倒入蛋白里。Pour the sieved icing sugar and ground almond into meringue.

3. 用塑胶刀拌匀。Mix well by using scrapper.

4. 拌成好的混合料,会流动的。The mixture is just nice and can flow.

5. 把混合料装进挤花袋,再挤出圆形状,在已铺了纸的烤盘上。Put all the mixture into a piping 
    bag with round nozzle. Pipe on silicone paper.

6. 挤好,再敲几下,让马卡龙表面平坦。Lightly knock the baking tray to let the macaroon surface 

7. 预热烤炉200度 5分钟, 然后off 烤炉。Preheat oven 200 degree for 5 minutes then turn off oven.

8. 把马卡龙放进烤炉焖5分钟,这时马卡龙表皮就会干和不黏手。Put macaroon into oven and let 
     it there for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the surface will be dry and not sticky.

9. 直接开烤炉170度烤3分钟。Directly switch on oven for 170 degree. Bake for 3 minutes.

     干。You will see the lace pattern appear. At the same time, turn the temperature to 110 degree. Bake 
     for 10-15 minutes until it dry.

11.用两片马卡龙夹入馅。Put filling into macaroon.

150g巧克力 chocolate(切碎cut into small pieces)、100g动物性鲜奶油 UHT whipping cream、30g牛油 butter ~ 隔水煮溶,待浓稠状即可 double boil it until thick
挤在马卡龙中夹起来。Pipe on macaroon and stick 2 together.


  1. 嗨!你好,来你家看看~:)

    1. 嗨,你好。谢谢你的到来。这是我第二次做马卡龙。我也不喜欢甜的。可是我妹妹要吃。所以就做了。你可以先尝试一粒蛋白的分量。小朋友应该会比较喜欢吃。